Charity Efforts


Lion’s Home for the Elderly

High Notes has taken the step forward to bringing live performances to the less fortunate of our society and community. Our embarkation onto bringing live music performances have humbled us as a team, and reminds us to be grateful for all that we have. With our full-ability to bring forward an entertaining performance to folks who might otherwise not have another chance at enjoying a live performance, we do these for free. And hope that our music gives that moments of happiness to our friends.

Contact us to arrange for free performances at the Aged Homes or Charities that you represent.

Chinese New Year Performances

The Home Garden Project

The Home Garden Project of Rotary Club of Queenstown Singapore was aimed to raise funds for HIAM Health (Timor Leste). Through the staging of Jazz Through The Ages Charity Concert, we aimed to raise a target of $30,000 for our beneficiaries. We put together eight of our concept bands on the same stage and raised almost $50,000 from our generous donors. This is the gift of our 50-strong team of vocalists, musicians, sound engineers, production crew and dancers to our less fortunate friends in Timor Leste.​

​Vocalists: Joanna Dong, Dawn Wong, Annie Winson, Kelvin Kong, Rob Jenkin
Musicians from The Summertimes Group of Bands
Dancers from Jazz Inc.
Sound Engineers: Chew Wen Jie, Yew Liang & Randy Foo

Jazz Through The Ages Fund-Raising Concert

Gigs For Charity

Homes & Welfare Organizations – Free Community Performances

If you feel that a live music act might be a good way of entertaining the less fortunate whom you work with, let us know and we will provide you with a band and a sound system for free. It would also be our pleasure to sponsor food and festive goodie bags just so that we’re able to bring smiles and moments of happiness to our less fortunate friends.

Corporate Organizations – Partnerships For Charity

Joining hands is a powerful thing, especially to spread goodwill and love. We believe that collective efforts bring about exponentially more results. Let us know what your organization is looking to do and we might soon be partners in bringing joy to more people around.

Because we believe in paying it forward.

We would love to talk to you about any projects you have so contact us for a non-obligational meet-up.